Annual registration fee

Annual registration fee is $20 (non-refundable). This covers all insurances,

administration and licensing for your classes.

2019 fees

Little Groovers fees are payable by the term (based on NSW school terms) and are to be paid in advance. You will be sent an invoice via e-mail before the commencement of term and all payments are to be paid by the due date through internet banking (direct deposit). Bank details for payment are on your invoice.

Classes are charged at

$15 per class (45 mins)     $15 class x 10 weeks = $150

$12 per class (30 mins)     $12 class x 10 weeks = $120

Please note that some school terms are 9 weeks and some are 11 weeks so you will be charged accordingly. The highest term fees for Little Groovers will be $165/$134.

Children who start mid-term will be charged accordingly based upon a pro-rata basis. Term fees are non-refundable so if your child is sick and misses a class we offer them to do a make-up class by joining one of our other Little Groovers classes. A make- up class must be taken within the same term and can not carry over from term to term. You can book a make up class by logging in to the customer portal and selecting the class you wish to join . Please note: make up classes are only given to students who inform Miss Nicole of their absence before the start of their scheduled class. If you are a no show to class then unfortunately you are not eligible for a make up class, so please remember to let me know if you cannot make your scheduled class.

How to enrol

To enrol please click on the ‘Enrol now’ button on the top of the page. Once you submit your details you will be automatically sent a registration confirmation email. Once you have registered I will enrol your child in the class listed on your registration form. You will then be sent a confirmation of enrollment and an invoice for your term fees.

You do not have to enrol for every term. Once your child is enrolled for 2019 their enrollment will carry over term to term unless you let me know otherwise.