If you can not find the answer to your question here then please contact us at info@littlegrooversdanceschool.com or by sending a message on our contact us page. We promise to get back to you within 2 working days!

1. How do I enrol for a class?

All enrollments are done online via this webpage. Step by step instructions on how to enrol in a Little Groovers class can be found here. If you are still unsure about which class is best for you please contact Miss Nicole info@littlegrooversdanceschool.com or send a message through the contact us page.

2. How much are classes?

All our class prices can be found here. Little Groovers classes are charged by the term and based on NSW school terms. Children who start mid-term will be charged accordingly on a pro-rata basis. There is an annual registration fee of $20 and this will appear on your first invoice.

3. Do you offer trial classes?

No! We do however offer a happiness guarantee. It often takes young children more than one class to become comfortable and start to completely get caught up in the wonder and magic of the lesson. We do not feel that one trial class gives you the best indication of how wonderful our classes are and how much your child will gain from them and for this reason we do not offer trail classes. Our wish is for you and your child to have an amazing experience. If after 4 weeks you are not 100% happy with your experience, we will refund the remainder of your term fees.

4. What does my child need to wear to class?

At Little Groovers we believe in letting children express themselves freely and confidently and this also applies to what they wear. We have no set uniform at Little Groovers the children are free to wear what ever they like. However, we do ask that they wear something they can move in freely and something that is comfortable. If they are wearing anything long, please make sure they will not trip over it. Bare feet are fine, but if you wish to wear shoes we do ask that they wear a pair of ballet slippers.

5. Can I attend classes on a casual basis?

We keep class sizes limited to ensure an intimate and high-quality class experience for you and your child. Therefore, we ask all Little Groovers families to enrol for the term and we do not offer casual classes. This way you and your child will meet the same friendly faces at class each week and begin to develop beautiful friendships with those around them! Children thrive from routine and structure and we like to offer this each week in dance class. We do however offer make up classes if you are unable to attend your scheduled Little Groovers class.

6. Can I enrol for Little Groovers classes in the middle of the term?

YES! You and your Little Groover are welcome to join us anytime throughout the term. Families who join us mid-term will be invoiced accordingly. Please check our class timetable here to make sure the class you wish to enrol in has availability.

7. What happens if I miss a class?

We encourage all children who miss a class to join us for a make up class. A make- up class must be taken within the same term and does not carry over from term to term. You can book a make up class by logging in to the parent portal (you will receive a link to the portal once you enrol in a class with us) and selecting the class you wish to join. Please note: make up classes are only given to students who inform Miss Nicole of their absence before the start of their scheduled class. If you are a no show to class, then unfortunately you are not eligible for a make up class.

8. Can I stay and watch my child’s class?

If you are a parent of a Mini Movers (18 months – 3yrs) you will be in class each week actively participating alongside your child. All other classes are just for the children. We have a viewing day at the end of each term for mum, dad, grandma, grandpa and whoever else wishes to come along to come into class to watch and see what a wonderful Little Groover your child is becoming.

9. I also have a young child can I still come along to a Mini Movers class?

YES! We do however still need you to be participating along side your Mini Mover. If you have a small baby, please either have them in a pram up the back of the class or alternatively you can have them in a carrier strapped to you in a way you are still able to move your arms and join in the class. If you have an older sibling who is absent from school for the day or needs to come along to class for any reason that is no problem. Please just bring something for them to quietly do while the class is happening. iPods are fine if the volume is turned right down so they do not disrupt the class.

10. What are you term dates?

All term dates can be found here.