Little Groovers

(3-5 Years)

Our  Little Groovers class is a specially designed class for preschool children aged 3-5yrs. Our age appropriate dance classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of dance and ballet while improving your child’s co-ordination and boosting their confidence. The children get to twirl, run on their tip toes, leap, plie, and point their toes to a variety of different music and are introduced to dance terminology in a way that is so much fun they do not even realise it. The classes use a variety of dance props such as wands, scarves and ribbons which all help enhance your child’s creativity and imagination.

“ I love how Little Groovers is like a little community. Smaller, more relaxed than other dance options. The kids always have fun. Our daughter loves it and has made some great friends (so have her mums at coffee!) “ Emma-Kate Dewhurst and daughter Ivy (little Groover)