Tiny Groovers (18 Months-2 yrs)

This movement class is the perfect bonding experience for adults and their tiniest Little Groovers. In this class we dance, sing, imagine, create, share and play. This class incorporates beautiful music and props and is the your child’s first step to becoming a Little Groover

Mini Movers (2-3 yr olds)       

Our Mini Movers class is a special class designed for children 2-3 years of age where their nearest and dearest (be that mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle) get to actively participate alongside them.This class provides an excellent introduction to dance in an environment where the child and parent have the chance to share together the wonders of dance and music. The class helps develop your child’s co-ordination, balance, memory, motor skills and confidence and they get to do all this with you by their side supporting and cheering them on!

Little Groovers (3-4 yr olds)

Our Little Groovers class is a specially designed class for preschool children aged 3-4yrs. Our age appropriate dance classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of dance and ballet while improving your child’s co-ordination and boosting their confidence. The children get to twirl, run on their tip toes, leap, plie, and point their toes to a variety of different music and are introduced to dance terminology in a way that is so much fun they do not even realise it. The classes use a variety of dance props such as wands, scarves and ribbons which all help enhance your child’s creativity and imagination.

 Groovers (4-5 yr olds)

Our Groovers class is a lovely continuation on from our Little Groovers class. Our Groovers class continues teaching the fundamentals of dance and ballet but in a more structured way. The classes use a variety of dance props such as wands, scarves and ribbons which all help enhance your child’s creativity and imagination.

Primary Dance (5-10yrs)

We offer a 1 hr dance class for Primary age children aged 5-10 yrs that consists of half hour of Ballet and half hour of Jazz.  Little Groovers is a member of ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dance) and we use their beautiful Ballet and Jazz syllabus in our classes to make sure the children are getting the most out of every dance lesson. Our emphasis at Little Groovers is about learning new skills and having FUN, so our dance classes for this age group are stress free for both child and adult. We have no concerts, no exams, no expensive costume fees and no selective competition teams. By doing this we create a friendly supportive environment for the children to thrive while having fun and creating wonderful friendships

The Little Groovers, Groovers  and Primary Dance classes are just for children, but every term we invite parents, grandparent, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles into our classes so they can watch their child and see what a wonderful Little Groover they are becoming.

classes are held in the Jamberoo Youth Hall behind the IGA or Windang SCC 50 Kurrajong St Windang