At Little Groovers we are an accredited Acrobatics arts studio and follow the acrobatics arts syllabus. This a beautiful syllabus that was developed by an acrobat from Cirque Du Soleil.
This program focuses on balance, strength, flexibility and tumbling. The kids in the younger classes will start learning and becoming familiar with acro positions such as pike position and tuck position before moving onto forward and backward rolls, pre cart wheels and cart wheels, back bends, log rolls, forward splits, middle splits, bridge positions, handstands etc. We will also reinforce locomotor skills and learn how to transition from a locomotor movement into and acro position/skill. All the kids will learn at their own pace and when they have mastered a skill they will get to mark it of on their progression sheet and then they will learn the next progression of that same skill. As the kids move on they will get to learn back and forward walkovers, handspring side Ariel etc.
The kids are guaranteed to have a ball each week flipping on tumbling and cartwheel mats, walking on the balance beam and rolling on triangle wedge.