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Acrobatics Classes for Kids in the Illawarra

At Little Groovers, we offer fun acrobatics classes for kids aged 3 – 10 years old. As an accredited Acrobatics arts studio and follow the acrobatics arts syllabus. This is a beautiful syllabus that was developed by an acrobat from Cirque Du Soleil.

Our program focuses on balance, strength, flexibility, and tumbling. Children learn and become familiar with acro positions such as:

  • pike position
  • tuck position
  • forward and backward rolls
  • pre cart wheels
  • cart wheels
  • back bends
  • log rolls
  • forward splits
  • middle splits
  • bridge positions
  • handstands
  • and more

We will reinforce locomotor skills and learn how to transition from a locomotor movement into an acro position/skill. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and when they have mastered a skill they enjoy marking it off on their progression sheet.

When they are ready for more challenges they will learn back and forward walkovers, handspring side Ariel and more.

Most importantly, the kids are guaranteed to have a ball each week flipping on tumbling and cartwheel mats, walking on the balance beam and rolling on triangle wedge.

Dance Class Details

Term Dates

Term dates 2022
Term 1- Monday 31st January- Friday 8th April
Term 2- Monday 26th April – Friday 1st July
Term 3- Monday 18th July – Friday 23rd September
Term 4- Tuesday 10th October-Friday 20th December
Public Holidays
There are no classes on public holidays and you will not be charged for classes that fall on public holidays.
Holiday workshops are held during school holidays. Please click here to find out when our next school holiday workshop will be held.


Little Groovers Dance and Acro classes are $18 each for 40 mins classes.
Level 1&2 Acro is a 1hr class and is $21
If your child is enroled in both our Dance and Acro class you will receive your 2nd class at the discounted price of $15.

All Little Groovers classes are charged per term, based on NSW school terms. Enrollment is available anytime throughout the term. All families enrolling mid term will be charged accordingly. All prices include GST.

Annual membership fee.
Little Groovers has an annual membership fee of $20 (non-refundable). This is a one of fee and it will be added to your first invoice.  It is to cover all administration, insurances and licensing for your classes.
Please note if enroling in term 1 classes your annual membership fee is charged at the time of enrolment to secure your child’s place in class for the following year.
*Little Groovers fees are to be paid by direct debit. All Invoices are sent via email and are also able to be viewed in the parent portal. Each term your invoice will be divided into 3 equal monthly payments and payments will be deducted from your nominated account or credit card on the date scheduled. 


Little Groovers classes are held at the Jamberoo Youth Hall, behind the IGA except Tuesday Morning classes which are held upstairs at club Jamberoo. There is plenty of parking directly outside the hall in the car park.


You can view our current timetable, read our FAQs, find out more about Little Groovers or Miss Nicole, Enrol for a class or get in contact.