About Us

Our mission is simple: To deliver high quality early childhood dance education while providing a safe, positive and fun environment for children to learn and thrive.

Each week your Little Groovers eyes will sparkle with delight and excitement as we explore dance and creative movement together.

Our Values

  • Family
  • Friendship
  • Confidence
  • Education
  • Happiness

At Little Groovers we truly believe kids learn best when they are having fun. All our specially designed classes are age appropriate, planned with love and have the right balance of structured learning, creative imagination and play. Each class strives to enhance your child’s co-ordination, gross motor skills, rhythm, spatial awareness and musicality. Your child will also develop listening skills, learn how to follow directions and learn how to work together as a group with the rest of the Little Groovers within the class.


What you will experience as a member of our Little Groovers Family?

  • A specialised child focused, age appropriate dance program that includes music, props and stories all inspired by our theme for the term.
  • The opportunity to connect and create friendships with other Little Groovers families.
  • To watch your child each term on our viewing/performance days. 
  • A place that fills both you and your Little Groover with Joy each week. A happy place where friendships are formed, a love of learning is developed and a passion for dance is ignited.

Click here to find the class that best suits you and your Little Groover.

It often takes young children more than one class to become comfortable and start to completely get caught up in the wonder and magic of the lesson. We do not feel that one trial class gives you the best indication of how wonderful our classes are and how much your child will gain from them and for this reason we do not offer trial classes.

Our wish is for you and your child to have an amazing experience. If after 4 weeks you are not 100% happy with your experience, we will refund the remainder of your term fees.


“These classes have really brought the best out of my daughter. She is happier and more expressive in her everyday life after starting these dance classes. Can’t thank Nicole enough!” – Collette